The Grotto of Mount Cucco has more than 30 kilometres of caves reaching a depth of more than 900 meters, and it is one of the most important underground systems in Europe. It is certainly one of the most studied and well known grottoes in the world. Up until recently this natural phenomenon could only be appreciated by expert potholers. Now, however, there is an 800 metre long underground route open to anyone who wishes to experience a unique experience that stimulates the senses, with the sounds of the water which slowly erodes the rock, the smell of the depths of the mountain and the sight of the limestone formations within the grottos.
The route is eight hundred metres long, a journey into the heart of Mount Cucco winding through stalactites and stalagmites, caves, labyrinths and tunnels to discover a world that many can only dream of.
This journey to the centre of the earth becomes a journey deep into nature, to the womb of the mountain and the sensations it offers, where the perception of space is transformed, where the silence is full of a thousand sounds and meanings and where, when for a second the lights are turned out, the darkness reveals before our incredulous eyes the most amazing shadows.